About Us

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A Brief History
Caribbean United Church is an heaven-born, heaven-blessed and heaven-bound church.  Our story began in Houston, Texas, on Saturday, July 1, 2000.  On that historic date and unprecedented Sabbath, twenty-four God-led men, women and children committed themselves to the planting of CUC.  Since our inception we have maintained excellent spiritual health and have grown spritually, fiscally and numerically.

Our Mission
Our mission clearly defines the purpose, focus and direction of our church and the community center.  We are about worshipping the Creator, serving humanity, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and preparing ourselves and others for His second coming.

Our Mission Statement
We believe that as God led the Old Testament church through the prophets and the New Testament church through the apostles, He, the Head of the Church, will lead the Caribbean United Church, a unit of His body and a fraction of the invisible-universal church, through His appointed leaders.

Our Vision
To build a ministry that is "wholistic", culturally relevant and that targets our Community, City and Country.

Services Provided 

Sound Preaching & Teaching

Children’s Ministry

Bible Class & Bible Study

Visitation (Home, Hospital, Prison, etc.)

Free Bible Correspondence Course

Christian Publishing

Prayer & Testimony Service


Fellowship Dinner 


Christian Counseling


Baby Blessing